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Why did the wig look "wiggy"?

Last week I had the honour of assisting on a show with a great crew and good budget. The hair team had recently changed and the new team was working out the kinks with looks that have been established etc. One of the kinks was a wig worn by a gorgeous leading actress. She was unhappy with it. I believe the new hair team was also unhappy with it. Myself and the other assistant sat there trying to figure out what made this wig look like a wig. I mean it checked off a lot of boxes that should mean it looks good. It was a lace wig with a lace front. Human hair. But it still looked like a helmut.

So here are some of the things that made this FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIG look "wiggy"

1. Poor fit ~ this particular piece was way too big for her head. So no matter how much you pull and pin it will never look right.

2. Unnatural Hairline ~ The hairline was dense and straight. It didn't have the dips and curves of a natural hairline. Also it was like a wall of hair. Baby hairs in hairlines and a natural shape with little recesses and peaks will make it more believable.

3. Too Dense! ~ The density on top was making it look like a helmut head and the hair on the ends thinned too much.

The picture below is myself in a very fake/wiggy looking wig. I decided to throw on to have a little fun on New Year's Eve at Cirque du Soleil. The funny thing is... I know it looks very much like a wig. But I had people thinking it was real and that I coloured my hair. So this is a lesson to me. My eye can spot discrepancies right away... but numerous people thought this was my real hair. Say what???!!!

This wig looks wiggy. But I still wore it out for New Years Eve.

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