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Chemical FREE Color?

The last couple years, while working in film, I have come across a number of people that are severely allergic to hair color. What do I mean by severely allergic? Severely allergic to the point that they could die if they continue to color their hair and go against their doctors orders. This is something we are taught in school but it always seemed like something that was so very rare to the point of being a non issue. However it is a real issue for some ladies.

What are the options for these women?


There are 2 ways someone with an allergy to hair color can participate and have fun with their look.

Option 1 - Wearing a full wig

A wig can be used as a fun way to explore color without damaging your own hair or the chemical risk from an allergy. Also, a lot of companies will not allow employees to wear some of the trendy fashion colours.

Shown here is a custom Human Hair Lace Front Wig made by myself for this gorgeous girl that wanted to have fun with color! The silver ombre with hints of violet don't work for her everyday life but this piece allows her to have fun on nights out. Because it was custom made with human hair it looks like she grew it herself!

Option 2 - Extensions pieces for pops of color!

Using hair extensions is a great way to add fun pops of color or a chemical free ombre!

Shown here are the Hairdreams Nano Bonds. All of the brown pieces are the bonds! In this case her dark hair is covering what used to be a gorgeous Elumen Pink hair color. It was fabulous... until she no longer wanted it. Being the brightest and most vibrant hair color ON EARTH... It is almost impossible to remove. She no longer wanted the intense pink and wanted something a bit more subdued. A classier type of color. The kind of color you would see a lady with on a yacht in Monaco. The option to cover the pink? DARK DARK DARK. After a while that became B-O-R-I-N-G! She saw some of the pretty ombre colors and wished she could have one too. The solution was combining 3 different Hairdreams bundles to blend with her dark and have this beautiful effect.

Wigs and hair extensions can be used beyond medical hair loss and thin hair. They can be used as a way to have fun with your look in a way that keeps the chemicals away! Hair is your crowning glory and though not all of us are blessed with the most beautiful manes we imagine. It is possible to have your dream hair by playing around with different hair pieces, wigs, and extensions.

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