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Why is human hair soooooooo expensive?

It comes down to the quality of manufacturing and sourcing. Some of the "deal" brands are processed in a way that is very harsh on the hair. Stripping off the outermost layer - the cuticle. When the cuticle has been heavily damaged or completely removed you're left with hair that is insanely dry and constantly tangled. Early on in my extension days I looked for deals and tried many brands. I ended up fighting with my extensions every morning trying to make them look shiny and fabulous. Once the factory coating came off there was nothing I could do to make them look and feel nice. Having unmanageable extensions will leave you frustrated and unhappy. That being said I use brands that I know maintain the integrity of the hair strands during processing so you can walk around swinging that long and luscious hair.  

But this cheaper brand says "Remy" and "Virgin" doesn't that mean its good quality?

Not so fast! Unfortunately the hair industry is unregulated. This means they can use any fancy words on the package to entice you to purchase it. And what's inside might not be the fantastic hair that was marketed to you. 

What is Remy?

Remy means "cuticle correct". Cuticles are like fish scales on the outside of the hair shaft. When the hair grows out of your head the cuticles all run in the same direction. For extension and wig hair it is very important to collect and process the hair with all of the cuticles running in the same direction. 

Where does all this hair come from?

A lot of hair used for wigs and extensions comes from India, China, Malaysia and Eastern Europe. Indian hair comes from Temples and is considered by some to be the most ethically sourced hair because it is willingly given as a sacrifice. On average 1000 people a day sacrifice their hair for religious purposes. This hair is then auctioned off by the temple. Under a microscope the structure of Indian hair is a close match to caucasian hair. Indian hair tends to have more wave than Chinese hair. Chinese hair strands tend to be thicker and harder to match finer haired clients for hair extensions. Since most hair starts as a dark brown it is imperative that the decolorization process is gentle to maintain the integrity. 

Can I lighten my human hair wig? 

No. Unless we source a 100% virgin hair wig. After the manufacturer lightens the hair it is then coloured with a product that swells inside the hair shaft. This final colour will not lighten with tradition bleach methods. You can however tone blondes or make the wig darker with colour or lowlights. *WIG & EXTENSION HAIR should only be coloured by an experienced wig specialist. They can be ruined very easily with improper techniques.* 

Why do I need a consultation?

The consultation is the key to finding your PERFECT WIG! We use the time to discuss your wig and hair goals. Assess your scalp condition. Take measurements of your head shape and size. Look at hair colour samples and combinations. 

Is hair refundable?

No. This is why the consultation is so important. Unless the manufacturer has a defect in the hair it is non refundable. If there is a defect then it is the manufacture's discretion as to what they refund. You are investing your hard earned money into a product therefore I do my very best to educate you on what you are getting and the expected outcome. 

If we are doing a semi-custom wig it is possible to send the wig back to the partner and exchange for a different one. There will be restocking and courier charges to be paid by you.


I have prescription from my dr for a medical wig - can you help me? 

YES! The quality of our wigs are up to medical grade standards. To use extended benefits we recommend getting a quote from us and sending it in to your benefits provider to ensure they will accept your claim and reimburse you a portion of the wig BEFORE you purchase it. 

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