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Human Hair Semi-Custom

A semi custom wig is a pre fabricated piece from one of our reputable partners with a longstanding history of excellence. These wigs can arrive within 2 to 5 business days! Once it arrives we have our fitting session where we check the overall fit, length, and colour. Then it's my turn to work my magic! Some of this magic includes - rooting, toning, and lowlighting. When the colour portion is complete we have another appointment where we put the wig on you and cut it to suit your face. VOILA your wig is ready to go home! 

One of my favourite brands to use for our semi - custom is Jon Renau



Hair Source: Chinese, Indian, Select European Styles

*Most of this hair has started as dark brown or black and gone through a chemical lightening process before I get it. I cannot lighten this hair. I can only tone and darken. 

Cap Constructions: Lace front - no glue, lace front - delicate lace, fully hantied, partial handtied with open or closed wefted back. 

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Human Hair 100% Custom

A 100% custom wig means we do a head mold, source the hair, and send it to our overseas partner for construction. These wigs can take 2 to 5 months to complete. 


Head mold: a plastic mold that we send to our wig makers which shows the exact size of your head. They use this to construct your wig start to finish. 

Hair sourcing: We are able to locate rare hair qualities such as VIRGIN SLAVIC HAIR, fine european hair, natural curl and wave patterns. Virgin hair can be lightened. We carefully select the ponytails for your wig and get your approval before purchasing. We need 2 to 3 ponytails for each wig and due to the nature of raw, unprocessed hair each ponytail will have slight variations in tone, denier, and wave pattern. We do our best to ensure match. 

Shipping: This process requires A LOT OF SHIPPING. I do include everything in my final quotation. We use reputable couriers for shipping but shipping and customs delays are out of our control. 

When the wig arrives back to us we bring you in for a fitting. Then it's time for me to work my MAGIC! This magic can include - rooting, toning, lowlighting, AND IF IT'S VIRGIN HAIR we can highlight and balayage! Once the colour portion is complete we bring you back and do the FINAL cut & style. 


Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are sourced from our reputable partners. They are prefabricated pieces that have beautiful on trend colour combinations and styles. Due to the nature of synthetic pieces we are limited on our customization options. We do make any fit adjustments when it arrives. As well as a cut to suit your face. We can add a spray rooting. But it would come out after washing.

They are great for wash n wear. The style does not change with the weather.  Easy to maintain. Our most cost effective option.

Hair type: Synthetic - NO HEAT 

Cap Constructions: Lace front and fully handtied with a monofilament top OR lace front with a handtied monofilament top and open wefted back.




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