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Human Hair or Synthetic?

Good morning!

One of the biggest wig or head covering debates is... Should I purchase a real human hair wig or a synthetic piece? What is really comes down to is this-




What do you plan on doing with it? Is it a fashion piece? Do you have a medical reason where a wig will enhance your day to day life? Is this medical hair loss permanent or temporary?

If the hair loss is permanent and the user is in good health the recommendation is Human Hair.

If the hair loss is temporary and the user is in poor health (i.e., chemotherapy) then a beautiful synthetic is a much better option. But why?

Synthetic hair is a wash and wear type. It requires little to no maintenance and the price point is lower.

Human hair looks and behaves like REAL hair - because it is! Humidity will affect it! If your piece is made with Indian Temple Hair and you live in rainy Vancouver like I do then you better believe that the rain will bring out the wave and frizz up the curl set you put in. On the other hand the fact that it is human hair means it will look the most realistic always.

Check out a BEAUTIFUL synthetic from Jon Renau's Fall 2017 Collection. This is a no heat synthetic with a current on trend style. It has a lace front for a realistic hairline. Who knew you could find such fabulous pieces in a synthetic?

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