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We have over 15 years experience as a licensed hair stylist.

7 years as a hair stylist for Vancouver's film and television industry where I created the styles and looks for feature films and series. Including wig design; wig matching to stunt doubles and photodoubles; sewing on wigs for underwater scenes; various tape and glue applications. 

4 Hair Extension training courses learning different attachment techniques

2 Wig making courses - London & LA

2 hair replacement courses (integration pieces, sew on toppers, clip on toppers, custom CNC coming soon) - LA & Italy


2 Scalp Micropigmentation courses - Local & Ontario

Trichology level 1 & 2 (more education to come) where we learned about various forms of hair loss and skin conditions on the scalp leading to hair loss and 

This unique set of training, on going education, and work experience is UNMATCHED in any other WIG/HAIR PROSTHESIS shop in Greater Vancouver. These skills are why we can offer you amazing customizations to your wig. 

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